Enders Gate
Story Behind the Game
Enders gate is a story that takes place in our current solar system, millions of years prior to the age of dinosaurs, further back when each planet was teeming with life in some form; a time well before our known documented history.

The Gates

Gates the size of Mount Everest were scattered across Mercury, Earth, Mars, and a few of Jupiter's moons. These Great Gates remained closed and stood tall above the various landscapes. The life forms that lived across the solar system created settlements near and around these colossal monuments. They lived in packs and developed civilizations, some advanced, some primitive, and some in-between. This time was known as the "Pre-curser Era", and similar to the species that currently inhabit Earth today, they all sought to survive and were heavily driven by the same pursuit of expansion.
On earth, all continents were physically connected as one, on Mars skies were blue and oceans filled to the brim with water, Mercury although hot, remained host to creatures and species that adapted to its conditions. Jupiter's moons were bountiful with lifeforms of all shapes and sizes roaming about. Their worlds were reminiscent to that of our current, being culturally diverse with a thirst for knowledge and power.
The population of each civilization was a mere fraction of our current day figures which allowed their worlds filled with natural resources and possibilities to go untouched for long periods of time. The Pre-curser era was a peaceful time, and with no conflict, the lifeforms grew restless but ready for conflict.
The peaceful times would be short-lived for there was a tradition that occurred every 100 years called the "Cosmic Eclipse". Similar to a Solar eclipse as we know it today, it blanketed all the planets in total darkness for a short while. However, unlike our weakened solar eclipse today, the darkness was different.
Thunder and lightning crossed the skies, oceans seemingly rose from the seas into the air suspended above exposing all the resources available for the taking, volcanoes erupted with intense power, earthquakes magnitudes strong rumbled across the land. And finally, like clockwork, war horns blew from the heavens creating an ominous unforgettable rallying call bringing an end to all the preceding chaos that ravaged the land.
The Rallying call from above also signified the end of the Great Eclipse which and as the sun began the shine, The Gates, every single one of them across all the planets, opened simultaneously. As each gate opened, it revealed a new world, however, through the dust settling were figures, often unrecognizable to the opposing faction.
Void elemental Dragon coming through an Ender Gate following the 100 year traditional Great Eclipse.
Among the chaos, one thing was always certain, War always followed leaving one side victorious.
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The Gates