Enders Gate

NFT Strategy

To maintain balance in the game we are utilizing ERC1155 NFTs for cards that have modifiable stat components. This will allow for buffs and nerfs if a particular card or deck becomes too overwhelmingly powerful. As the card is only meant to be utilized for the game certain metadata including the image will be stored within the game itself. The game will include an NFT marketplace in which individual cards can be bought and sold, however, the majority of non peer to peer card acquisitions will take place through packs. Packs will contain cards based on probability of rarities and specific pack types.

Token and Play to Earn Strategy

When players earn tokens in game this information will be stored off chain until the user chooses to withdraw their tokens. A minimal transaction fee will be charged per withdrawal. A player withdrawing their tokens will result in a minting of the appropriate number of tokens to their wallet. Once tokens have been withdrawn they may be used to buy packs or exchanged for other tokens/coins in a DEX. To prevent the token from becoming overly inflationary, some tokens used to buy packs will be burned. A small burn fee will also be exacted on DEX transactions. To avoid the price of packs fluctuating with the price of the token, pack prices will be adjusted when significant price action has occurred. By adjusting the price of tokens per pack there will always be approximately equal incentive to use the tokens for packs or to exchange in a DEX and the choice will depend on whether the individual is prioritizing accumulating and selling card NFTs or simply using the tokens as a means to income.

Future Development

There are several ways in which the game will expand and adapt. To fund this, many exchanges of tokens or other currencies will have small fees. This includes but is not limited to buys and sells in DEXs, purchasing of packs, and selling of card NFTs. These fees will be insignificant enough that the player will maintain the ability to generate income by playing the game while also providing fuel for Enders Gate's future.